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Editor’s Corner: It’s All About the Consumer


If there’s one clear theme throughout the articles in this month’s Retail News Insider, it’s that there is a shift in the retail environment that now focuses more on the consumer. There’s simply no way to stay relevant in today’s competitive retail world without giving consumers what they want.

As our Market Watch story this month highlights, one of the best ways to address shoppers’ needs and to truly engage with them is through experiential marketing events. In this feature, our Interactions’ experts share their recommendations for building a successful experiential marketing program that resonates with consumers and fosters a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Consumers are also top of mind in our Essentials to Engagement and From the Front Lines features, where we provide tips for Sales Advisors on how to engage with customers directly on the sales floor.

Retail’s focus on the consumer extends well beyond direct shopper engagement. As SAS Retail Services President Michael Bellman shares in this month’s Expert Viewpoints column, it’s also a driving force behind changes taking place in the management and execution of in-store merchandising.

I hope you find all of the articles throughout this issue both informative and enjoyable.

All the best,

Angelica Martinez