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Knowledge Portal: Ready, Set, Go! Interactions Helps Retailers and Brands Take the Show on the Road


In-store demonstration events are a great way to get current shoppers interacting with your brand. But what if you want to attract new customers and spread your message throughout the community? Or what if you’re an online-only brand without a physical store? Interactions has the perfect solution: a fully branded mobile tour.

Like many of Interactions’ other services, its mobile tours are highly customizable and scalable. They can range from fully-branded RVs or trucks that travel around the country to a single car traveling throughout a community. A tour can also consist of a special event, such as an outdoor BBQ, hosted at multiple different locations on different days (no dedicated vehicle required).

Because of their flexibility, Interactions’ mobile tours can fit many different budgets. In the past, they have even helped retailers or brands team up with complementary vendors to help sponsor tours and share costs.

The benefits of partnering with Interactions to create a mobile tour extend well beyond the development stage. “Our inspired creative team, experienced Account Executives and seasoned Tour Managers drive these programs from concept to activation with flawless execution,” explains Jen Rose, Interactions Account Executive. “Most retailers don’t have the tour management experience, on-the-road talent or time to put together large-scale programs like this together. Being experts in the industry, Interactions is able to align all the moving parts to ensure we not only meet our client’s goals, but exceed their expectations.”

Maintaining a constant line of communication with the client is imperative. “We create a detailed action plan with deliverables and deadlines that is shared with the client throughout the process,” explains Rose. “This consistent and ongoing communication gives the client peace of mind and helps strengthen our trusting partnership.”

Many of Interactions’ mobile tour clients are so impressed with the success of their events, they come back year after year to plan new tours. For example, Interactions just inked a deal with a nationwide auto parts store to continue its tour for a third year in a row. The tour, which includes a retailer-branded RV traveling to automotive events around the country, made 55 stops in 2015 and registered 15,670 new members to the retailer’s loyalty program. The Interactions team directly engaged with over 47,000 automotive enthusiasts, and racked up over 800,000 impressions.

For other retailers and brands considering a mobile tour this year, the time to start planning is now. Summer is the best time for mobile tours in most areas of the country, and though the warm weather may still seem a ways off, tours generally take several months to plan from concept to execution. The upside of working with Interactions is they can handle it all—even when a retailer or brand doesn’t have a firm idea in mind. “What sets Interactions apart is our ability to understand the customer’s objectives and develop a creative concept that meets those goals in a unique and memorable way,” says Rose.

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