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Editor’s Corner: Shining a Light on the Cost of Retail Crime


This month’s cover story brings the second article in our three-part series on the cost of crime. The series offers key insights and analyses to educate consumers and those in the retail industry about the current threats facing retail security. It shines a light on the many issues retailers must navigate in order to protect consumers’ data, their reputation and ultimately their bottom line.

This month, the Retail News Insider team investigates the costs associated with implementing   EMV (chip) credit card technology, including the costly ramifications of not being compliant. Our Market Watch feature also provides insights on consumers’ views of the new technology. Is the hassle of “dipping the chip” really making credit and debit transactions safer?

We hope you enjoy reading the second installment of our crime series. Join us next month when we conclude the series with a look at the age-old crime of shoplifting and how it continues to be a burden on retailers and consumers alike.

All the best,

Angelica Martinez