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Tomorrow’s shoppers making selfie memories today.

Creative Services Designs, Directs and Delivers Innovative Solutions

You’ve probably heard the phrase “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” But did you know that it’s more than just an old saying? Studies have shown people tend to remember significantly more visual information as compared to what they read or hear. What’s more, according to the Visual Teaching Alliance, our brains process visual images up to 60,000 times faster than text. The bottom line: visuals can have a huge impact on consumer engagement—a fact Interactions is using to its clients’ advantage with its creative services offerings.

For Interactions’ design team, no project is too challenging—as evidenced by the materials created for a new culinary event program recently designed for a national retail chain. Interactions’ creative team developed custom-branded cart wraps, product displays, recipe cards and an HTML-based analytics interface. The custom materials share the retailer’s current branding style, while also helping the program stand out as an innovative new addition.

Sleek recipe cards encourage consumers to buy products and use them at home.

Sleek recipe cards encourage consumers to buy products and use them at home.

“I encourage my team to come up with their own creative ideas and twists,” says David Silva, Interactions’ Creative Services Manager. “But even with our creative input, we always keep our focus on the client’s identity. We try to develop new concepts that complement pre-existing designs while adding our own unique, clever perspective.”

Another great example of this was seen at a recent grand opening for a large mid-Atlantic retailer. In researching and developing a concept for the event, the Interactions’ team discovered the store was located on land that used to be a railroad station at the turn of the 20th century. Inspired by this, Silva’s team created an entire historic railroad-themed concept that included station depots, Brand Ambassadors dressed as railroad conductors and even a custom-branded “old time” selfie booth. The designs married the railroad theme with the retailer’s iconic logo and brand colors. The results were impressive, receiving accolades from the retailer and shoppers alike.

Engaging digital collateral holds consumers’ interest well after an event.

Engaging digital collateral holds consumers’ interest well after an event.

Even small details get the creative treatment. When Interactions launched a mobile tour centered around an ice cream truck, it didn’t just serve the ice cream in basic plastic cups or waffle cones. “We served the ice cream in branded megaphones, so that when customers were done with their ice cream, they could literally use the megaphones to ‘scream for ice cream,’” explains Silva.

Whether it’s designing logos, signs, distributed materials, vehicle wraps or nearly anything else the client needs, Silva says his team’s goal is always to find a way to make the event unique. “We try to push concepts and creative thinking,” he says. “That’s what sets Interactions apart. We think outside the box. We deliver designs that are unexpected and that take visuals to a new level.”


Interactions’ creative talent was recently recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards—winning Gold Awards for the BOWLing logo created for a series of client events and the travel-themed “Destination: Daymon” exhibit at an industry trade show. Interactions’ Retail News Insider and Retail Perceptions publications were also awarded Platinum and Gold Awards, respectively.