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Top 5: Traits that Influence Millennial Shopping Behavior

top5CoverThe top 5 traits that influence Millennials’ shopping behavior—and that retailers and brands must recognize—are:

  1. Worldwide Sharing Tribe—Millennials crave meaningful experiences they can share via social media.
  2. Eat to Be Healthy/Social-Driven Diets—Millennials are health conscious and more willing to follow diets based on their beliefs (like animal welfare).
  3. Eco(nomic) Consumers—Millennials are driven by ecological values (such as sustainability) but also economic factors (such as price).
  4. Unstructured Shopping—Millennials’ shopping trips are less planned and often tied to immediate needs or moods.
  5. Brand Disaffected—Millennials are less brand loyal and more willing to try private brands, particularly those with a good price/quality ratio.

                Source: The Next World, Daymon Worldwide, 2016