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Consumer Experience Marketing: Daymon Expands Reach of In-Store Demonstration Programs in Latin America

Growing Markets

consumexp2As Daymon launches new in-store demonstration programs in Latin America, it’s customizing the strategies used by its Sales Advisors to address the tendencies of local shoppers in Brazil. “Samples are still prepared on a cart, but instead of standing behind it and calling customers over, as is customary in the United States, our Sales Advisors interact with shoppers in front of the cart. We find this is a more effective approach to engaging with local shoppers, who would otherwise be less likely to come over to the cart,” says Alexandre Mendes, Daymon’s Senior Director for Latin America.

This customized approach was first tested through pilot programs developed for two Brazilian retailers in 2016. In the short time the pilot programs ran, the success of the approach was quickly proven, delivering an impressive 300 percent sales lift during demonstration events, and 40 percent sales increase seven weeks after the events.

Seeing these results, one of the retailers committed to launching an on-going program at the start of this year, and the other has also expressed interest in continuing the partnership. The new programs will expand upon the pilots, bringing in-store demonstrations to more than three dozen stores in Brazil. The events are staffed by Daymon Sales Advisors, who rotate between several stores each week. The in-store demonstrations focus on food items and run five days a week for eight hours each day—again to meet the needs of local shoppers.

consumexp1“The typical shopper here goes to the store more than once a week, so by working in multiple stores and on multiple days, our Sales Advisors are able to maximize the number of customers they interact with, thereby maximizing the return on investment for our retailers and suppliers,” explains Mendes.

Between these recent successes in Brazil and a similar in-store demonstration program being executed for a retailer in Panama, the Daymon Latin America team hopes to capitalize on its growing experience and knowledge to further expand operations and business opportunities throughout the region.

To learn more about Daymon business opportunities in Latin American, contact Senior Director Alexandre Mendes at