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Branding and Package Design: Award-Winning Designs Drive Differentiation and Appeal

Household staples like paper towels, batteries and rice might not be the most exciting items on shoppers’ list—but that doesn’t mean retailers and brands can’t infuse a little excitement into their designs. Take a recent battery package created by Daymon’s international design team. The playful design, featuring robots whose bodies are made up of the batteries themselves, brings a sense of fun to an otherwise standard product—and helps it stand out on the shelf.

As shoppers become more brand agnostic and willing to expand their horizons beyond the known quantities of big-name National Brands, the opportunity to capture their attention at the shelf is greater than at any time in recent history. Attractive and creative package designs present an ideal way for Private Brands to stand out and immediately convey quality and value at first glance.

Packaging design is becoming such as important part of retail branding that several new award competitions have popped up in recent years to recognize innovative ideas and help elevate the art even further. This spring, the Daymon international design team in Lisbon, Portugal, was recognized for their outstanding creative efforts by two of these competitions, winning multiple awards from the Vertex Awards and the Lusófonos Creativity Awards (Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade).

The Vertex Awards are a global competition devoted exclusively to the art of Private Brand package design. Now in their fourth year, the awards are judged by a highly esteemed panel of industry experts from around the world, and awarded based on Creativity, Marketability and Innovation. Daymon was honored with a total of eight Vertex Awards—including four Gold, one Silver and three Bronze. Demonstrating the range of the design team’s abilities, the winning package designs covered a variety of products from retailers around the globe—from the Danish batteries described above, to South African Easter candies, to Brazilian pantry basics.

The team’s unique battery package design also won Silver (the highest award given this year) at the Lusófonos Creativity Awards. This competition is an international creativity festival based in Portugal, and the only global event dedicated exclusively to rewarding the advertising and communication markets of Portuguese-speaking countries.

Other winning designs at both competitions included products featuring everything from boldly-colored abstract designs, to whimsical cartoon characters, to product photos so realistic they might make your mouth water a little. All in all, the message is clear: it’s time for retailers to elevate their Private Brand design and stand out from the competition.

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