Bringing Brand Engagement to the Workplace

You’re sitting at your desk working away when suddenly you hear rousing voices coming from the break room. Is it someone’s birthday? Are colleagues descending on leftovers from a meeting? Even better—it’s a Brands2Desk promotion!

A newly launched service from Daymon’s consumer experience team, Brands2Desk takes all the excitement of a sampling event right into the workplace. The service delivers complimentary samples and related coupons to employees at participating companies—encouraging trial, adoption and word-of-mouth advocacy.

“The workplace offers a nearly untapped audience for retailers and brands and engages consumers that you might not otherwise be able to reach in the store,” says Joshua Willard, Business Development Manager for Daymon. For example, that busy working mom might not have time to stop at a demonstration event in the store, but at work, she’s a captive audience. It’s a welcome distraction. Plus, as Willard says, all the employees get to sample at the same time, as opposed to one-on-one sampling in the store, so the experience is more personal and becomes almost a party-like atmosphere.

As for how the service works, the Daymon team has begun building a network of companies who can be matched with participating brands and retailers. The service is completely free for the recipients and is often seen as a way to offer additional incentives—in the form of free products and exclusive discounts—for employees. In exchange for the samples and discounts, HR representatives from each company agree to act as Brand Advocates, distributing the products and gathering feedback from employees.

An initial pilot was conducted with one of Daymon’s existing partners, who was looking to expand their line of popular desserts and snacks to also offer gourmet popcorn. The brand selected key regions that would impact two of their retail locations in Tennessee and Illinois. The Brands2Desk team then tailored the program to consumers in these markets. “We’re able to customize the program for our partners, targeting the key demographics, markets and locations where they want to promote their products,” explains Drew Shumake, Manager of Growth and Strategy for Daymon’s consumer experience marketing team.

In total, 1,700 samples and coupons were delivered to working consumers in the surrounding communities. As proof of the program’s—and product’s—success, 84 percent of participants surveyed reported they were likely or extremely likely to recommend the product to friends, family and colleagues after trialing it through the Brands2Desk program. The program also created brand affinity and product awareness, and encouraged adoption by inviting consumers take advantage of a limited-time offer.

Additional activations for other food and beverage retailers and brands are also underway. But Willard says the program could benefit a much wider range of categories, including wellness, beauty, health, subscription kits and more. “We do all of the work—from identifying companies, to designing, producing and shipping the sampling kits, to providing post-event sales and customer feedback analysis. It’s really an all-in-one solution that any retailer or brand—online or brick-and-mortar—can use to deliver a totally unique and memorable experience in the workplace.”

To learn more about Daymon’s Brand2Desk and other consumer experience marketing services, contact Lindsay Steller, Daymon Director of Sales and Marketing, at