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Sales Engagement: Sipping Secrets—Educating Shoppers on Today’s Beverage Trends

We often think of trends in grocery being largely related to food. But an increasing number of new beverage trends are making waves in the market—and at demonstration events. To properly inform shoppers about the unique qualities of these new choices, Sales Advisors need to understand for themselves exactly what they are and why they’re becoming so popular. Here’s a quick guide to a few of today’s top beverages trends.

First up is a category you may be somewhat familiar with already: craft beer. In contrast to “big name” beers like Budweiser or Coors, craft beers are made by smaller, independent breweries and rely on traditional beer-making methods and ingredients (nothing artificial). They’re often available in a range of different styles and flavors, with innovation one of the industry’s most prized characteristics.

An up-and-coming offshoot of the craft beer movement is craft soda. Like craft beer, these sodas are often made in small batches and come in a range of unique flavors—think Meyer lemon, orange crème and sour apple. They appeal to consumers’ increasing desire for premium, artisan and hand-crafted products. Coffee is another old favorite getting a “premiumized” makeover, with offerings like barrel-aged blends, cultured (fermented) coffee beans and single-serve pour-over packets.

Not to be outdone, tea is also taking on a new role—this time as a functional beverage. Japanese matcha (crushed green tea leaves) is becoming particularly popular thanks to its high antioxidant levels and energy-boosting caffeine. Other functional beverage trends include kombucha and kefir, both fermented drinks that contain probiotics thought to be good for digestive health.

Also appealing to the health conscious market are new plant-based waters and alternatives made from succulents and trees like cactus, aloe, maple and birch. Like their highly successful coconut water big brother, these new waters aim to increase consumers’ options for reaching the optimal balance of hydration. So go ahead and raise a glass—to good health!