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The Cost of Crime – Part 1: What Happens When Retailers Get Hacked

By Retail News Insider Tens of millions of Americans have been victims of major hacks in recent years. As more consumers pay with plastic and begin to pay with their phones, they’re handing over more data than ever—from card numbers to email addresses to birth dates and more. With each swipe of the card, consumers […]

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Getting to Know Your Store’s Shoppers One Smile at a Time

Sales Advisors play an important role in helping retailers develop relationships with satisfied and loyal customers. When consumers are engaged, they learn new recipes, try new products and enjoy a shopping trip that may have otherwise been a chore. Infusing personality to your in-store demos lays the groundwork for fostering memorable experiences and gaining trust […]

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Appealing to Varied Tastes

Simply look at the variety of options on the grocery store shelves and it’s easy to see consumers have a plethora of flavor and food preferences. According to research by distributor Gordon Food Service and market analysis firm Technomic, almost all consumers place emphasis on fresh, healthy foods. But more specific flavor preferences often cut […]

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