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Appealing to Varied Tastes


Marjorie Richards
Sales Advisor

Simply look at the variety of options on the grocery store shelves and it’s easy to see consumers have a plethora of flavor and food preferences. According to research by distributor Gordon Food Service and market analysis firm Technomic, almost all consumers place emphasis on fresh, healthy foods. But more specific flavor preferences often cut along generational lines. For example, Baby Boomers tend to prefer traditional foods with a twist, whereas younger generations tend to enjoy more exotic flavors.

Keeping the diversity of customers and their varied tastes in mind is key to successfully engaging consumers during in-store demonstration events, says Lead Sales Advisor Marjorie Richards. “It’s important to not only tell the customers about your product, but to also give them different ideas for using it beyond the way it is being sampled in the store.”

“For example, we had a seafood salad recently that some customers thought was a bit too spicy,” she says. “Instead of eating it on its own, I suggested serving it on top of lettuce to help balance the flavor which many customers commented was a great idea they hadn’t thought of.”

Richards encourages Sales Advisors to use their own experiences with food and their imagination when reinventing ways to use products. “If you’re sampling breakfast sausage, don’t get stuck thinking it can only be a breakfast meal,” she says. “I tell customers they could put the same sausage on a bun for lunch, or fry it up with potatoes and onions for dinner. Often when I start pointing out different ideas, customers start coming up with ideas of their own.”

Helping customers see how they can use products at home not only appeals to varied tastes, it’s the key to driving sales.