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From B to Z: Marketing to Boomers through Generation Z

By Retail News Insider Over the coming decade, retailers will need to cater to at least four disparate generations of consumers without alienating the others. How will they do it? Understanding what drives each generation, where they differ and what brings them together—and what other factors come into play on the way to creating a […]

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Back-to-School Shopping Made Simple

Though it may seem like summer just barely started, back-to-school and back-to-college shopping season is upon us! Many schools and colleges will start holding classes again this month, with the rest ramping up in early September. That means classroom and dorm room needs will be tops on many shoppers’ minds throughout August. Sales Advisors can […]

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Standing Out from the Pack

In-store events are becoming more common as retailers look to capitalize on the well-known rewards of personal engagement. But that means Sales Advisors run the risk of becoming just another part of the landscape as shoppers get used to their presence in stores. How can a Sales Advisor stand out? Getting to know shoppers is […]

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