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Standing Out from the Pack

Donna Richmond Lead Sales Advisor

Donna Richmond
Lead Sales Advisor

In-store events are becoming more common as retailers look to capitalize on the well-known rewards of personal engagement. But that means Sales Advisors run the risk of becoming just another part of the landscape as shoppers get used to their presence in stores. How can a Sales Advisor stand out?

Getting to know shoppers is key, says Donna Richmond, Lead Sales Advisor. “I get to know the people who shop at the store, what they like, what they do and so on. Creating this familiarity with regular shoppers leads them to always come over to sample items I am demonstrating and hear what I am doing with the item.”

Learning about shoppers goes hand-in-hand with Richmond’s next tip for standing out—personalizing your pitch. “Tell them something you know will get them over to your table,” she says. For example, if you know a shopper enjoys cooking, you might say, “I know you love cooking. I have a great recipe I think you’re really going to like.”

Don’t be afraid to talk about other ways to use the product beyond how you’re sampling, too, says Richmond. “I might say something like ‘this firecracker slaw is great as a side dish but have you ever used it on hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches and even hamburgers to add additional flavor and spice?’ or I might suggest a salsa and say something like ‘this salsa is great as a dip but have you ever made Mexican lasagna?’ Then I share the steps to create these dishes.”

Part of being a Sales Advisor and building relationships with customers is introducing them to new items and tastes. “Customers can be reluctant to try a new brand,” says Richmond. “I still encourage them to just try a sample to compare. I talk about flavors of the items and what it can add to a meal.” Ultimately, Richmond believes that “if you believe in what you are selling, it will sell.”