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Futurists: Predicting the New Vision of Retail

Imagine billboards that change based on your emotions and automatic food deliveries tailored to your health needs as defined by your genetic profile—it may sound like a tale stolen from a science fiction novel, but it is in fact part of the future vision of retail predicted by well-respected experts in the field. Employed by […]

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Nutrition Matters—to Shoppers and Sales

Think January is the biggest month for eating better and exercising more? Think again. According to U.S. News and World Report, March ranks above January for gym visits—and, thanks to National Nutrition Month, is also a big month for focusing on healthy eating. This year’s theme—“Eat Right, Your Way, Every Day”—encourages people to eat healthy […]

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Educating and Enticing Shoppers with the Perfect Promotion

A Sales Advisor’s job is to engage customers, get them interested in a product and entice them to take the product home. So what’s the secret to pulling that all together in the one to two minutes you have with each shopper? Sales Advisor Marilyn Adams says it’s all about the right promotion. When preparing […]

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