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Retail Perceptions: New Report from Interactions Uncovers Tips to Create and Retain Loyal Shoppers

Shoppers today have a myriad of stores to choose from and retailers face competition at every corner—on the street and online. Of course, price and location are always key factors to getting people into a store. But discount chains and higher-end options regularly coexist in close proximity to each other, so those clearly aren’t the […]

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Score Big with Tailgating Sales!

It’s football season and you know what that means: tailgating parties galore! Each year, Americans spend over $35 billion on foods and drinks for tailgating parties. That’s a big market to cash in on, and with tailgating season lasting well into winter for most die-hard fans—there’s plenty of chances for Sales Advisors to get in […]

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The Science of Successful Selling

  Though he wasn’t sure how easy it would be when he first started as a Sales Advisor, today Brian Fitzpatrick has events down to a science. Here are his tips for making selling simple and fun. “First you have to learn as much about the product as you can—how much it is, what’s in […]

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