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Score Big with Tailgating Sales!

sep2014-essentials-coverIt’s football season and you know what that means: tailgating parties galore! Each year, Americans spend over $35 billion on foods and drinks for tailgating parties. That’s a big market to cash in on, and with tailgating season lasting well into winter for most die-hard fans—there’s plenty of chances for Sales Advisors to get in on the action.

Some manufacturers will be offering game-day and tailgating promotions this year, which is an obvious way to get involved. For example, if an item you’re sampling is part of a contest to win free football tickets or merchandise—be sure to point that out to shoppers along with the usual selling points about taste, convenience and quality. Also keep an eye out for complementary items that might tie in with products you’re promoting. For example, maybe the cheese dip you’re sampling isn’t part of a tailgating promotion, but would go great with chips or beverages that are.

Also look out for items that are a natural fit for tailgating, even if a manufacturer isn’t promoting them that way. Over 90 percent of tailgaters prepare food right onsite at the event they’re preparing to attend—so think of things that are easy to make with limited space and utensils. For example, flavored sausages and heat-and-serve chili or beans can easily be prepared on a small grill. Snack-and-go items like crackers and cheese, cookies, nuts, chips and popcorn are also sure bets.

Beyond the items you’re sampling, you can also pull the tailgating theme in with your display. Use bright packaging and point-of-purchase materials, such as signs or banners, to your advantage. For example, you could stack product cans in the shape of a goalpost or arrange packages to highlight the hometown team’s colors. Keep in mind that football fans aren’t the only ones who tailgate. It’s also very popular with NASCAR fans. So go ahead and line up those cookie boxes in a checkered flag design or borrow some race car balloons for a unique display that’s sure to catch shoppers’ eyes.