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Spotlight on One to One Associates

OTO associates are always willing to lend a helping hand to create successful events time and time again! The following associates went above and beyond this month by traveling to other stores and the Kappa Drive home office. Area Manager Kelly Zaletski would like to thank Colleen Lechel #9, Nina Anthony #40, Patricia Prazza #40, Joan Peppler #41, Hazel Glass #41, Joe Weber #60, Barbara Janicki #72, Claudia Lee #72, Carol Sherlock #79, Mary Lou McLaughlin #81, Georia Nix #600, and Pat McGarrey #626.

Thank you to all who helped to represent our customer, Giant Eagle, at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show, including Nina Anthony, Paula Benton, Dee Buzzelli, Joanne Capezzuto, Melissa Engle, Desiree Franklin, Louie Listorti, Pat Pelligrino, Patricia Prazza, and Joe Zaletski.

Congratulations to Sales Advisor June Godeleski (Hermitage #4012) for being Top Seller in the company for our Oreo selling contest, part of the Oreo 100th Birthday Celebration.

The CBS This Morning show came to the Giant Eagle Market District store in Upper Arlington, OH to do a feature on the area and Giant Eagle. Thank you to those who did a great job representing our company and our customer, Giant Eagle: Sharon Whaley, Cindy Sellers, Linda Wackernagle, Jane Lamb, Jaime Huggett, Ramona Danish, Mary Clark, Debra Vance, Clara Hazlett, Geoff Hiler, Jessica Stevenson, Justin Stevenson, Sheri Klatt, Tim Byrer, Vickie Blake, and Chris Rummel.