Sparking Up Your Sales

SparkingUpYourSalesExperts agree that two keys to successful selling are knowing your product and understanding your customer. By offering shoppers the key information that’s tailored just to them, you can help make your events even more successful and boost your sales.

To develop your product knowledge, take the time to read the product information sheet, label and packaging before every event and look for key points that show unique features. For example, is it only available at certain times of year? Does it offer important nutritional benefits? Is it easy to use or prepare?

Then, when you invite shoppers over to your event, share those key highlights to help educate and encourage them to purchase your product. Try to think like your customers and individualize your approach based on who comes up to your event cart. Show and say things that will interest them, not just what interests you. For example, if a busy mom approaches your cart, focus first on how easy and convenient a product is to prepare. Or, if a shopper picks up the product to read the nutrition label, emphasize the product’s nutrition or health benefits.