A Sample is Worth a Thousand Words

SampleEngaging customers and talking with them about the product you’re sampling and the benefits it can offer is key to selling success. But the samples themselves can also go a long way to driving sales. Depending on what you’re sampling and how busy your store is, it may sometimes be challenging to ensure there are always samples available. Here are some tips to help make sure your cart is ready at all times:

  • Always be prepping. If you’re talking with a customer, keep spooning out samples or opening packages as you go. Or, if there’s a lull in the action, take the opportunity to do some prep work that will make it easier for you later on.
  • Work in small batches. If you’re sampling two items, such as salsa and chips, fill a few sample cups of one item first, then add the second, instead of going back and forth between products to create each sample.
  • Plan ahead. Keep plenty of sample product and supplies at your cart, and be sure to let your manager know well ahead of time if you’re running low.

Look for ways to be more efficient. If you think there’s a quicker way to prepare a product for sampling, suggest it to your manager. If something is really slowing you down, talk with your fellow team members and work together to find a better solution.