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Stepping Up Your Game-Day Game


Make Your Game Day Official. Photo courtesy of Path to Purchase Institute

Football season starts this month—a time that’s not only exciting for fans, but also for grocery retailers and CPGs. That’s because tailgating and football party foods are big business, with the average fan buying more than $500 worth each season on top of their usual grocery purchases—and that doesn’t even include beverages. Sales Advisors can get in on the action and boost sales by stepping up their game-day knowledge and appealing to shoppers’ excitement.

Work With the Experts

Many brands will be running special promotions throughout football season—offering special discounts, reward points or contests that tie in with the hugely popular sport. When doing an event for one of these brands, carefully read the promotional displays, packaging and your store’s weekly circular, paying special attention to details that are likely to capture shoppers’ attention. Highlight this information when talking with customers—for example, reminding them that not only is the item you’re sampling perfect for game day, there’s also buy-one, get-one deal or a chance to win VIP tickets in every package (or whatever the promotion may be).

Also point out related items that are part of the promotion and that may lure shoppers in. For example, if they can get extra gas rewards or chances to win a prize by buying salsa to go with the chips you’re sampling, they may be more interested in buying both.

Get Creative

Even for items that aren’t specifically marketed for football, you can still pull in fans by offering up your own game-day tie-ins. Offer up appetizer recipes and finger food ideas, for example. Sour cream, cream cheese, mayonnaise and even yogurt can make a great base for some delicious dips. And crackers, cookies, dried fruit and nuts make easy pour-and-enjoy munchies. If you can pull in some local teams colors—think blue corn chips for the Dallas Cowboys or spinach dip for the Green Bay Packers—all the better!