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Success is in the Details


Event Coordinator Dorie DenBesten

As a former Sales Advisor recently turned Event Coordinator, Dorie DenBesten understands in-store events inside and out. From her perspective, the secret to success comes down to paying attention to the details from the moment you start your shift to the very end.

“Start with a well-organized cart,” says Dorie. “Make sure you have everything you’ll need to get through the day, like cups, forks, napkins and paper towels. Also, when setting up your cart with product, don’t be afraid to add extra. If your event calls for two flavors, but the vendor sells five, show all five. A customer might not like what you are serving, but would be willing to buy a different flavor.”

“Throughout the day, stay positive and keep smiling,” she adds. “If you run out of samples, continue to smile and greet your customers as you make another batch. Let them know when the samples will be ready and invite them back.”

The devil is in the details up to the very end, says Dorie. “When you go on break, make sure your cart is clean and full. We want to promote the product at all times. That includes the last hour you are there. We still need to look and feel like we just opened for business up until the very last sample!”