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Perking Up Post-Holiday Sales

jan14-essential-coverAfter the mad dash of the holiday shopping season, many consumers feel “all shopped out” and are less eager to try new things. As a result, sales are traditionally lower in January—a natural decline from the November and December highs, which account for up to 40 percent of yearly retail sales, according to the National Retail Federation. But they don’t have to come to a screeching halt. There’s a lot Sales Advisors can do to help overcome shoppers’ reluctance and drive sales despite the post-holiday slowdown.

One of the best ways to engage shoppers during this time of year is to highlight any discounts or other promotions available for the product you’re demonstrating. The holidays are an expensive time of year for many consumers, so helping them find ways to save in the New Year can be a real draw. Do a little homework for the item you’re demonstrating. For example, is there a coupon in the weekly circular? Does the sale price make the brand you’re demonstrating cheaper than other similar products? Point those kinds of deals out.

Another way to attract shoppers is to show them how your product can help them meet their New Years’ resolutions. Losing weight and eating healthier are among the top resolutions people make each year. This can be a great tie-in with many food items you’ll be sampling in January. Read nutrition labels and point out, for example, if something is low in calories, fat or cholesterol, or high in fiber, vitamins or minerals. Also be on the lookout for items that might cater to popular diet trends, such as gluten-free or high-protein items.

One final strategy that you can use no matter what you’re demonstrating is encouraging shoppers to treat themselves to a little something now that they’ve treated everyone else. Remind shoppers that everyone deserves to indulge from time to time, and after all their hard work over the holiday season, now is the perfect time!