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Capturing Shoppers’ Attention

Kim Besaw Sales Advisor

Kim Besaw
Sales Advisor

Ever have those times where it seems like every shopper is on a mission—one that doesn’t include stopping by your cart? You’re not alone. But you’re also not doomed to stand by silently. According to Sales Advisor Kim Besaw, there’s a lot you can do to help reel shoppers in—and boost sales in the process.

To start, Kim suggests paying special attention to the appearance of your cart. “The better display you have, the more interested shoppers will be in what you’re demonstrating. Try adding dimension or color to your display. Stacking items to make your display taller or adding different flavors of a product so you have a variety of colors can really pique shoppers’ interest.”

Besaw also suggests using your full walking radius for events. “If I see someone approaching that looks otherwise engaged, I try to walk to the front of my cart,” she says. “Sometimes when people are staring at their phones they don’t really notice you, but if you step out in front they will.”

“Also be observant,” adds Besaw. “A lot of times people staring at lists or phones are trying to find an item they need in the store. A great conversation starter in these cases is a simple ‘Hi, can I help you find anything?’ Shoppers are a lot more likely to show interest in your product and purchase it when you have taken the time to help them find something on their list.”