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Executive Perspectives: From Our President


Brett Barcelona

Brett Barcelona, President and General Manager Retail Services

Retail: A Changing Landscape

In an effort to remain competitive in an ever-changing marketplace, part of Retail Services’ strategy is to provide customized retail solutions for our partners. As the retail industry continues to evolve through new formats, including e-commerce and digital driven engagements, our partners are seeking out ways to gain efficiencies and grow margins within their businesses. Our constituents (retailers and CPGs) strive for a more personal relationship with shoppers, an advantage over their competition and relevancy among all consumers. We share these goals with our partners and work by their side to help them achieve their very best in all areas.

With the services that SAS provides, including store mapping, category updates and remodel support, our Retail Services division offers a multitude of merchandising activities that can be tailored to meet the needs of every one of our partners. We give control back to retailers by providing efficiencies in their store and reducing costs through merchandising services.

With our evolving approach in consumer engagement, we have successfully helped our constituents in building brand awareness and increasing product sales. Over the last several years, we have evolved from being the industry’s leading demo company to being a fully integrated marketing company, supporting retailers and brands though merchandising and marketing activities performed in-store or outdoors—better defined as Experiential Marketing. This is different than traditional demo services because it’s multi-sensory and multi-medium.

I believe that through all of these efforts we are leading the way in the retail services industry. Our comprehensive service offerings have enabled us to become a valued and trusted partner of those we work with—a true testament to our talented associates around the world.


Brett Barcelona
President and General Manager Retail Services