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Finding Your Motivation and Inspiration


Nancy Wellman
Event Coordinator and Trainer

Ask what Event Coordinator and Trainer Nancy Wellman likes most about her job and the answer is pretty clear: motivating and inspiring Sales Advisors to do their best. Here are some of her tips for improving sales and enjoying your work at the same time.

“I always remind my Sales Advisors that the sample is just a tool for the sale,” says Nancy. “It’s easy to get caught up in making sure you have enough samples out. But you also need to keep talking with customers and telling them about the product. The vendors are counting on us to bring them business.”

That also means having an ample supply of product on your cart, says Nancy. “If you tell someone to go to aisle nine to get your product, you’ve just lost a sale. But if you have right there, they’ll put it in their cart. Plus, if you have a big display, that will attract attention. It has that ‘wow’ factor to pull shoppers in.”

As for staying happy on the job, Nancy says, “It’s all what you make of it. Decide to have fun with it and you will. One thing you can try is keeping track of how many items you sell each day. Adding up those tick marks at the end of the day can give you instant gratification.”