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Engaging Shoppers’ Senses

Pat Henke Lead Sales Advisor

Pat Henke
Lead Sales Advisor

Lead Advisor Pat Henke has risen quickly in the Interactions’ ranks. She started as a Sales Advisor last September, was promoted to Lead in April and continues to drive her store’s performance month after month. The key to her and her team’s success? Engaging shoppers’ senses.

First, Pat encourages playing to shoppers’ sense of sight. “Your cart or your table should always be clean and neat in appearance,” she says. “I don’t want to eat off a dirty table and I expect customers feel the same. I say it over and over—presentation, presentation. Make your display nice, and keep your table clean.”

Next, let shoppers hear about your product. “You have to engage with the customer,” says Pat. “Talk to them, and make eye contact. Highlight the things they’re most likely to be interested in. For example, if I’m talking to a young woman with children, I’ll tell her how quick, easy and nutritious the product is. For older people, I’ll let them know when the sugar content isn’t high. I even like to joke to single men ‘even you can do this!’”

Lastly, help shoppers think of ways to bring the great taste of your product to life at home. “Look at the customer’s cart and see what’s in it. Look for things that will go with whatever you’re presenting,” suggests Pat. “I might say something like, ‘You know what would go well with that pot roast you’ve got there, this salad I’ve got!’ That’s how you really get them interested.”