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A Bounty of Thanks

nov14-essential-coverThanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and retailers everywhere are gearing up for the holiday of feasting. As a Sales Advisor, there will be plenty of opportunities to capitalize on the holiday as various Thanksgiving meal makers appear on your cart. In addition, this season of thanks is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your interactions with shoppers and to show your appreciation for their support.

When it comes to selling Thanksgiving meal ideas to shoppers, remember that for many families, this holiday is all about tradition. Most families have certain dishes they cook year after year. Engaging shoppers in conversation about what special dishes are on their menu can help draw them to your cart and help you develop a collection of ideas to help sell the items you’ll be promoting this month.

Continue to engage shoppers by sharing how the items you’re promoting could put a new twist on their old favorites. For example, frozen steam fresh green beans or canned cream of asparagus soup can take classic green bean casserole from “I’ll have a little” to “seconds, please!” Or offer a time-saving suggestion. For example, Grandma’s famous cranberry apple stuffing could be just as good and take half the time to make starting with a prepackaged stuffing mix, rather than having to cube, season and toast the bread by hand.

For shoppers who haven’t planned their Thanksgiving menus yet, use the items on your cart as inspiration to offer new recipes. For example, sampling apple cider? Teach shoppers how easy—and delicious—it is to make your own cranberry sauce by simply boiling a cup of cider, a cup of sugar and a bag of fresh cranberries until the berries pop.

Last but not least, take advantage of this season of thanks to show your appreciation for shoppers. Acknowledge your “regulars” and let them know you appreciate your support. Thank each customer for visiting your cart (as always)—whether they buy or not. Remember, every interaction you have creates an impression. Putting your best foot forward each time increases the odds of not only making a sale today, but also in the future.