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Meijer Interactive Marketing Experts

Meijer and EMI Help Families Feel the Spirit of the Season


Annie Williams
Scheduling Coordinator

The last couple of months have been the height of the busy season for retailers, and Meijer is no exception. However, throughout my six-year tenure, I have consistently seen something happen at this hectic time of year that makes me smile every time. The Meijer chain of stores continues to take the time to stay true to its Meijer family roots by helping others.

Throughout the holiday season, Meijer hosted dozens of events that went to help children and families feel the spirit of the season. The Elite Marketing Interactions team assisted Meijer in organizing, running and serving treats during the many activities going on in the stores—on top of the busy schedule of regular in-store events. The special holiday events were fun for all involved—whether it was shopping with a Detroit Lion or Notre Dame player, or baking cookies with a TV personality. One store’s shoppers even got their own VIP performance from a local professional ballet company right outside the store!

jan2015-emi-imgThe smiles and joy on the faces of the children and parents involved in these events are the biggest and most rewarding profit one could ask for. With the enthusiastic help of our EMI in-store teams, Meijer continues to make the magic of the season felt by those who otherwise might not get to. It’s just another example of how a good partnership with a retailer isn’t always just about business; it can also be about helping others.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy new year,


Annie Williams
Scheduling Coordinator