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Editor’s Corner: Going Global


Interactions is a global company, with operations spanning from San Diego to Spain. That puts us in a unique position to monitor global retail trends and their potential influence on our business in other parts of the world. This month, we’re starting a new series here at Retail News Insider to share those trends and insights with you, our valued partners and associates. In our first Global Trends feature, we take a look at a few traditionally large supermarket retailers who are bucking the “bigger is better” mentality by testing out smaller, convenience-style grocery stores in urban centers in Asia and Europe.

We also investigate an issue that’s top of mind for retailers and CPGs both at home and abroad in our Market Watch feature: the pressure of competing with Amazon. Its ongoing focus on innovation and willingness to shave already thin profit margins to the bone have traditional CPGs and brick-and-mortar retailers living in nearly constant fear.


Retail News Insider expands its global footprint with the first edition of Retail News Insider – Asia.

The Retail News Insider team set out to investigate whether Amazon is truly an unstoppable force set to bring traditional retail to its knees. We think the results might just surprise you.

Finally, I’m thrilled to share with you that Retail News Insider has taken the first step in expanding to a worldwide audience. We are now publishing Retail News Insider – Asia. Just like our edition here in the US, our new platform provides a way for us to regularly connect to our partners. Across China we are being read on WeChat, the largest standalone messaging app with 438 million users.

As always, I hope you find all of the articles in this issue both informative and enjoyable.

All the best,

Kelly Short