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Bringing Events to Life


Ryan Dee and Whitney Spencer

Curious how the events Interactions is renowned for are developed? This month, two of Interactions’ in-house associates give us the inside scoop.

“It all starts with research,” says Ryan Dee, Business Development and Creative Senior Account Executive. “After our initial conversation with a retailer, we start researching the community the event is going to be in, the target demographics, the product and the brand message. Then we brainstorm activations that will work with that, taking care to ensure the ideas are unique and help set the retailer apart from competitors.”

“Once the retailer chooses an idea to move forward with, Operations takes over,” explains Whitney Spencer, Business Development Account Executive. “We start working with our in-house marketing team to develop the creative elements we’ll need, such as logos and signage. Then we start working on the procurement of supplies and equipment, such as vehicle leases, handouts and t-shirts. Lastly, there’s the staffing component—hiring and training all of the local field associates who will execute the program.”

All of this typically takes place over a few months and involves a team of anywhere from four to eight in-house associates. The pace can be frenzied at times, but the excitement that generates is part of the appeal. “We work with retailers who challenge us to show them something new every day,” says Spencer.

Seeing those new ideas comes to life also makes it all worth it. “Watching the whole thing come together and making the retailer happy is what’s most rewarding to me,” adds Dee.