Learn, Listen and Love What You Do!

Steve Fairchild Sales Advisor

Steve Fairchild
Sales Advisor

With a background in sales and past grocery experience, Sales Advisor Steve Fairchild says demonstration events are the perfect job for him. This month, he shares his strategies for selling success.

Steve’s preparation starts before his events begin. “Prior to my event, I do internet searches of the products I will be sampling along with reading the event materials provided by Interactions,” he says. “The event materials are very helpful, plus you can learn a lot more about your product online.”

During the events, Steve calls on what he’s learned to engage with shoppers and customize his sales pitch. “When choosing what key points to use on the product I am sampling, I find it is best to listen to the customer. Listening and asking questions lets me know exactly what the customer likes and does not like,” he explains.

Steve says it’s also important to “listen” to what’s going on around you. “If you see a customer looking at products on the shelves, don’t be afraid to approach them and let them know you are sampling a similar product and see if they would like to try it,” he suggests. “Quite often this will help you make a sale.”

In addition to educating himself and his customers, Steve says the keys to his success are having “a good, happy outgoing personality and talking with my customers, not at them. Doing this lets them know that I really do care about them and that I know the product I am sampling.”