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Stay Focused from Start to Finish


Eric Porter
Sales Advisor

According to Sales Advisor Eric Porter, keeping a sharp focus on your setup and selling points is the key to executing successful events from start to finish.

The first step, says Eric, is scouting out the store to find an ideal location in the store to execute your event. “I’m always looking for the right combination of an outlet for the microwave and a high traffic area of the store to set up the cart, even if it isn’t near the product display,” says Eric.

Next is developing the right sales pitch to capture shoppers’ attention. “If it’s a treat, I try to convince the customers that ‘this product tastes really good,’” Eric says. “Or if it is a product that is more healthy than tasty, such as kale, yogurt or Yakult, then I stress the health benefits. Also lately, I’ve been printing up the key points from the event materials and attaching them to the front of the cart, so they’re there for the customers to see.”

Throughout the event, Eric stresses that it’s important to stay focused on selling the product and keeping a healthy supply of it on your cart.

Last but not least, “please do a good job cleaning the equipment when finished for the day,” Eric says. That makes it easier for the next Sales Advisor to get up and running quickly for the next event.