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Executive Perspectives: From the President


Bharat Rupani

Does a New Year Mean a New Shopper?

As we flip the calendar to another year, it’s natural to think of new goals, a fresh start and a renewed perspective on many things—including our approach with shoppers. Are we doing everything we can to reach customers in the most meaningful ways, or do we need to change our approach?  I don’t think this reflection is so much about an abrupt change in the way we do business, as it is a continual refinement.

Each year brings new trends, some will stick and some will come and go. Shoppers’ opinions and habits will evolve, and it is up to us to be in tune, so we don’t fall behind, or worse, become irrelevant.

Working for Daymon the past 18 years, and specifically Interactions and SAS the past four months, has showed me the importance of listening and adapting—and how important our teams are who bring these actions to life. To identify what is coming next in shopper engagement, we have in-house experts dedicated to researching and predicting the significant trends coming in retail. Each year, Daymon releases its Global Retail Trend Predictions. These predictions are based on our own research and thought leadership and are designed to help advise our retail and brand partners. If you haven’t seen this year’s predictions I encourage you to take a look here.

In addition, what better way to know what shoppers want, than to ask them. At the core of our own Retail Perceptions surveys we ask shoppers, real shoppers across the United States, about their opinions, habits and preferences. To give you a sneak peek of the next report, out later this month, we explore how the Internet of Things is changing retail and shifting shoppers’ expectations. What our teams found is that the result of the having everyday objects connected to the Internet affects when, how and why people buy. These insights will hopefully provide those of you reflecting on your approach with customers some fresh ideas on how to stay connected and relevant.

Thank you for another year of partnership, and for allowing us to listen and be a part of your shoppers’ journey. May you have a prosperous, healthy and successful New Year.

All my best,

Bharat Rupani
President Retail Services