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Give It Your Best—Every Day

Chris Shanko

Chris Shanko
Lead Sales Advisor

For Lead Sales Advisor Chris Shanko, an eight-year veteran of Interactions, the secret to successful selling lies in engaging customers. “I just make an effort to do my best at every event,” she says. “If you focus on making the customer happy and helping everybody have a good time, you can’t go wrong.”

Connecting with shoppers begins with every Sales Advisor. “Whenever I do an event, I don’t just stand there. I smile at shoppers and invite them over,” Shanko says. “If a product is still cooking, I don’t wait for it to finish before talking with shoppers. I tell them how good it is and invite them to come back in a few minutes to try it.”

Shank emphasizes that it’s important to look like you are having a good time. “I’m not saying that you should goof off, but you should look like you are happy to be there. Seeing that you are happy brings customers over to you.”

Still, Shanko admits some events can be more challenging than others. “Not everyone is going to be interested in every product, and it can be easy for new Sales Advisors to get discouraged. Shanko advises Sales Advisors to “smile at everyone. Tell them about the product or the promotion, and emphasize the value. Then you’ll know you made a good effort to connect with shoppers at every event.”