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Agency Insights: Getting the Most from Our Resources

Welcome to the first Agency Insights column! We’re adding this feature to provide you, our Agency associates, with even more tailored information and news you can use to enhance your knowledge of our business and your interactions with clients.

For this first issue, we’re providing an overview of the key groups within the Agency and the various services they provide. The next time you’re wondering “who would know about [x]?”—refer to this resource!


Key Contact: Lindsay Steller, Director of Sales & Marketing
Area of Focus: Sales & Marketing helps develop new client relationships and programs—conducting discovery meetings, researching clients and market forces in play, brainstorming campaign ideas, presenting concepts, sourcing equipment and supplies and drafting contracts.



Key Contacts:
Micah Wightman, Director of Operations
Kristen Baird, Senior Director of Insights & Analytics
Area of Focus: Once a program or event has been developed, Operations takes over to recruit and schedule staff, procure supplies and ultimately execute each event. There are several groups within Operations that specialize in a subset of services: Experiential (mobile tours, one-off events); Retail (programs with a long-term contract at a specific retailer); and Insights (price audits, secret shops).



Key Contact: David Silva, Creative Services Manager
Area of Focus: Creative Services assists with creative conceptualization, design and production at all stages, from client proposals to event collateral to post-event reporting. It offers full-service branding solutions designed to complement clients’ existing campaigns.



Key Contact: Angelica Martinez, Communications Manager
Area of Focus: The Communications team works closely with your team to help promote your work both internally and externally. A major focus is public relations and positioning Interactions and the Agency’s capabilities from concept, to planning, to execution.



Key Contacts: Agency IT projects: Mitch Borden, Senior IT Project Manager
Tech support: Help Desk
Areas of Focus: IT works collaboratively with the rest of the Agency to integrate innovative technology solutions throughout the process, from event conceptualization to launch to ongoing program management. A growing focus is assisting the Agency in furthering its vision of “the Demo of the Future”—integrating digital technology at the point of shopper engagement.