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Preparing for Effective and Engaging Events

Sales Advisor Valerie Valenzuela engages shoppers at a recent event.

Sales Advisor
Valerie Valenzuela
engages shoppers
at a recent event.

How can Sales Advisors set themselves up for success from the moment they start their day? Sales Advisor Valerie Valenzuela, who has worked in multiple locations for two of Interactions’ dedicated retail demonstration programs, shares her top 5 steps:

1) Look the part.

Always make an effort to look put together and professional. I make sure my uniform is clean, my hair is neat and I have a smile on my face.

2) Check your setup, then check it again.

Make sure you have everything you need on your cart before you hit the sales floor and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

3) Stock up.

Have plenty of product to prepare your samples and to display for shoppers. This extra preparation will prevent you from having to leave your cart often.

4) Prep your selling points.

Read labels and brainstorm ways to get shoppers interested in your product. For example, be ready to suggest recipes or help shoppers understand how promotions can help the product fit within their budget.

5) Set a challenge.

Give yourself a goal—whether it’s selling a certain number of units or trying to sway a reluctant shopper. I like the challenge of talking with people who seem to have already made up their minds not to buy. A one-to-one conversation might just change their mind.