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Safety First—For Yourself and Your Shoppers

Susan Degata Lead Sales Advisor

Susan Degata
Lead Sales Advisor

While June marks the official celebration of National Safety Month, safety is an important issue for Sales Advisors all year round. This month, Lead Sales Advisor Susan Degata shares her tips for keeping yourself and your shoppers healthy and well.

Degata points out that safety begins even before you hit the sales floor by making sure all of your equipment is secured under your cart is key. “Microwaves, utensils and everything else stays under the cart until we get to our spot,” she says. “If an item fell off, you could hurt yourself or a customer.” She’s also careful to push her cart out slowly, watching for customers and obstacles that may be in the way.

During your event, cooking safety and food safety are two primary concerns. Degata stresses the importance of using cutting gloves and proper cooking utensils, as well as keeping two sets of cutting boards and knives—one for raw foods and one for cooked. Keeping foods at the right temperature is also critical for preventing illness—and providing the best possible sample. “I keep cold foods, salads and fruit on ice, and hot foods wrapped in foil or covered on the skillet,” says Degata. “I also check the temperature of foods regularly.”

Allergies are another safety issue Sales Advisors have to be aware of. “I always ask customers if they have any allergies before they try a sample,” Degata says. If they do, have customers read the ingredients on the label(s) of any products you’re sampling. And if there’s any doubt, don’t take the risk. Remember, safety comes first!