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Executive Perspectives: From the President

Influencing Shopper Experiences During the Holidays—and Beyond


With the holiday season approaching, people are heading out to their favorite retailers both to check items off their grocery and gift-giving lists, and also to take in the sights, tastes, and smells that make the holiday season so special. During this time of the year, we at Interactions are especially aware of the impact made by our in-store associates and Sales Advisors, who are interacting with customers and influencing their buying decisions every day. These individuals play an essential role in the success of the programs we execute across a multitude of retail settings across the globe.

The final months of the year are in many ways the most important for retailers, who depend on sales generated during the fourth quarter to achieve annual sales goals. According to, 20 percent of U.S. retail sales are generated during the holiday shopping season in December. Knowing the importance of this season to both consumers and retailers around the world, this is a time we like to recognize the pivotal role our associates perform each day. This year, Interactions associates are producing three million events in a variety of retail settings and are helping to generate increased revenue and customer satisfaction for the retailers we work with.

Sales Advisor Davida BilalOur associates are the face of our company and are Brand Ambassadors for the many companies we work with. Throughout the year, they provide a more personal, human element that can be especially impactful when a shopper is considering a purchase. Their engagement with shoppers is particularly important during the holiday season when the volume of traffic is so high. We recently received an email from a customer in Virginia acknowledging one of our Sales Advisors, Davida Bilal, who works in Norfolk, VA. The shopper complimented Davida for being “knowledgeable and personable” and for going out of her way to help him and his family. He concluded by saying that Davida is a “model Sales Advisor.” It is stories like these that exemplify the impact that one Sales Advisor can have in shaping a shopper’s experience and impression of a

The holidays are the perfect time to showcase innovative ideas that enhance the shopper experience. For example, in last month’s letter, I mentioned the ways in which consumers are responding to new technologies such as augmented reality. We heard from people that they appreciate the ways in which this technology makes their shopping experience fun and novel. In addition, our research has confirmed again and again that consumers appreciate being given the opportunity to sample and experience a product first-hand before purchasing it. This is part of the value Interactions provides—helping retailers reach and exceed their sales goals. We know we could not achieve these results without our remarkable team of Sales Associates across the globe, and we are thankful to them for the important role they play in our business.

All my best,


Bharat Rupani
President Retail Services