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Giving the Gift of Food

essentialcoverFor many consumers, special meals and treats are an important part of holiday celebrations. Sharing those traditions by giving the gift of food to others is also becoming very popular, with Americans spending nearly $18 billion in food gifts each year, according to research firm Packaged Facts. When you consider that almost half of that spending is done during the winter holidays, December is the perfect time for Sales Advisors to show shoppers how the products they’re sampling can make thoughtful gifts that everyone on their lists can enjoy.

Ready-made gift items like cookies, cakes, chocolates, nut assortments, specialty cheeses, wine and seasonally-flavored treats are natural fits for easy, yet appreciated gift items. Encourage shoppers to pick up an extra box or bag of the product they’ve tried to share with a friend. Or, ask shoppers to consider whether someone on their gift list might enjoy a product that they themselves aren’t necessarily interested in.

When sampling items that shine best as part of a recipe, remind shoppers that creating a home-cooked meal or snack for a friend, neighbor or loved one can also be a thoughtful way to say “happy holidays.” You can share party appetizer and potluck ideas for the season’s many celebrations.

Tapping into the true spirit of the season, also be on the lookout for products and specials that shoppers may want to consider stocking up on to donate to those in need. You can encourage shoppers to take advantage of sales and coupons on any canned foods, dry goods or personal and baby care items you may be demonstrating. If your store has a collection box for a local food pantry or shelter, you can point it out to shoppers so it’s easy for them to donate. Giving to those less fortunate is a win all around—for you, your customer and those in need.