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Back to Basics with Safety

gailgieraEngaging shoppers is one of your top priorities as a Sales Advisor. But safety should be too! Start the New Year off right with these safety tips from the front lines:

  • Wear appropriate footwear with skid-resistant or rubber soles and no heels.
  • Use caution when pushing your cart out onto the sales floor. Keep microwaves and other items tucked underneath so your line of sight is clear. Walk slowly, looking and listening for hazards.
  • Take care of any hazards you see right away. For example, “make sure extension cords are tucked away from foot traffic,” says Lead Sales Advisor Gail Giera. “And unplug appliances when you go on break.”
  • Use safety equipment, like cutting gloves and oven mitts, properly to protect yourself from injury. “Also, keep knives stored under your cart in a box when not in use,” reminds Giera.
  • Help keep shoppers healthy. Use allergy signs “and tell shoppers about common allergens like gluten and peanuts,” suggests Giera. She also says to warn shoppers when foods are spicy, hard or chewy (think nuts, jelly beans or beef jerky, which can cause tooth injuries).