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From Jim’s Desk: A Letter from the CEO


Key Drivers Influencing Change—They Start and End with Us

In the pursuit of keeping pace with today’s shoppers, it’s easy to lose sight of segments of the population that have spending power and can make the cash register ring.

As we can see from this month’s Market Watch feature, the evolution of the “typical shopper” has transformed to mean many things for different retailers and brands. The truth is there is no “typical shopper.” Influences in societal changes have made it so that today’s shoppers range vastly in age, interests, economic backgrounds and spending habits.

These societal shifts can be slow at first, but make no mistake about it, they can have significant impact on the bottom line. They can mean the difference between stores opening or closing.

The economy, as we know from the recent recession, plays a major role in how and when consumers spend their money. Politically speaking, politics have also had a role in legislation that is introduced and affects our business. And as we have been experiencing since the election, politics today are taking a greater role in driving change in how consumers embrace (or boycott) businesses.

Given these changes, which can’t be controlled, what is a retailer or brand to do? The answer, in part, lies in active listening.

At Daymon, we offer a whole suite of solutions that address all aspects of retail. With a global workforce, we can customize solutions that fit our clients’ individual needs even in the face of all this change.

The key to obtaining results is in working with retailers and brands and in sharing a mutual trust that offers a clear understanding of what is needed. Trust is essential because our teams need to have open discussions with clients to help them peel back all layers of their business that can spell further changes down the road. In return, our clients’ openness and trust enables us to truly deliver solutions customized to address their needs and target audience.

Customized solutions not only address a retailer’s or brand’s specific need, they provide the human touch, and the differentiation and value that consumers crave. So remember, as shopper habits evolve, the influences making a lasting impact in retail start and end with us.

All the best,

Jim Holbrook
Chief Executive Officer