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Consumer Experience Marketing: Bringing a Human Touch to Online Brands

Taking it to the Streets

As competition continues to intensify, more retailers and brands are realizing the importance of engaging with consumers through multiple touchpoints. This goes not just for brick-and-mortar, but also for digital players, who increasingly seek to differentiate themselves both online and off. That’s the challenge a leading meal kit subscription service recently undertook as it sought to grow its customer base and stand apart from the competition.

According to Daymon Account Executive Elan Saltman, the meal kit service approached Daymon in late 2016 looking for new and unique ways to encourage people to try their service—beyond the online ads and direct mail campaigns they had previously been relying on. Together, Daymon and the meal kit provider developed a plan for a series of street team activations and mall pop-up events in key markets across the country.

To execute the events, Daymon put together a team of well-trained Brand Ambassadors—clad in branded outfits, armed with valuable $30-off coupons and ready to educate and engage with consumers where they live, work and play. The partnership launched with a series of 48 street team events throughout the month of April in six markets: Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington, DC.

Brand Ambassadors visited popular, high-traffic areas in each city, stopping to chat with consumers about the meal kit service and encouraging them to sign up using the special offer. At the additional mall pop-up events in New Jersey, Brand Ambassadors were armed with tablets, ready to sign up consumers on the spot—and offering them a chance to spin a prize wheel for if they did.

“Consumers were pleasantly surprised to see a friendly face representing the meal kit service in their community,” says Tamara Lytle, Event Producer for Daymon. While many said they had heard of the service before, a number still had lingering questions about how the meals were delivered and how they could stay fresh if left on a doorstep. Daymon’s Brand Ambassadors educated consumers about the delivery process and the specially-designed packaging the meal kit provider uses to keep ingredients fresh for up to 36 hours.

“At a time where entire businesses are run through online platforms, consumer experience marketing events like street team activations and pop-ups can bring a human touch to the brand. They can help consumers view the brand beyond its website and as a part of their community,” says Saltman.

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