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Sales Engagement: Sales Advisors Help Make Family Meals Happen!

Between school, work, sports, hobbies and other activities, most families are busier than ever—and eating a meal together at home may not always be in the cards. But according to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), eating more meals together can help families fight obesity, develop a stronger connection and improve overall health! This month, FMI is teaming up with retailers and brands across the country to promote National Family Meals Month—encouraging families to commit to eating just one more meal bought from the grocery store together each week.

As brand and retail ambassadors, Sales Advisors play an important role in helping promote the many meal solutions available for today’s busy families. One simple way to encourage families to cook more at home is to share recipes used in demonstration events and/or provided by the retailer or brand. Sales Advisors can also offer short-cuts for making the recipes quicker and easier, such as using pre-cut, canned or frozen vegetables in place of fresh—or taking advantage of pre-marinated proteins from the meat case.

Sales Advisors can also remind families that meals together don’t have to be limited to from-scratch or “traditional” dinners. Grocers have solutions throughout the store for family meals all day long—from cereal for breakfast, to sandwiches at lunch, to heat-and-eat prepared meals for dinner. Sales Advisors can even encourage shoppers to shake things up a bit—for example, by trying pancakes or other breakfast items for dinner one night.

Perhaps most importantly, Sales Advisors can also help educate families on the benefits of family meals. For example, according to FMI, frequent family meals increase self-esteem, family connections and positive social behaviors in children. They also lower the likelihood children will engage in risky behaviors like drinking, smoking or using marijuana. With all those benefits and so many solutions right on store shelves, there’s no reason not to get involved!