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Online Goes In-Store: 5 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Benefit from Partnering with Virtual Retailers

By Retail News Insider Most of us have been there before: staring at our computer screens contemplating a purchase, but wishing there was some way we could actually see, feel and try out the product before making the investment. For many brands, that can be done fairly easily, hence the popularity of showrooming and webrooming. […]

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Celebrate with Your Shoppers!

This year, April is a great time for celebration. Not only is spring finally on its way, but both the Easter and Passover holidays also fall this month. Passover is a Jewish holiday that lasts April 3 to 11 and celebrates the freeing of Jewish slaves from Egypt. Easter is a Christian holiday that falls […]

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Building Trust and Relationships Boosts Sales

Mary Ann Kautzman is a retail veteran with over 20 years of experience—11 of those working for Interactions. In that time, she has built many strong relationships with customers, which she credits as the key to her selling success. “A lot of people say they come in on the days they know I’m here because […]

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