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Building Trust and Relationships Boosts Sales

MaryAnnMary Ann Kautzman is a retail veteran with over 20 years of experience—11 of those working for Interactions. In that time, she has built many strong relationships with customers, which she credits as the key to her selling success.

“A lot of people say they come in on the days they know I’m here because they want to see what I have to sample,” says Mary Ann. “And they often buy my products. Over the years, I’ve built friendships with people and they know they can trust me.”

What’s the secret to building that trust with shoppers? According to Mary Ann, it’s as simple as “being friendly to your customers and treating them with respect. Any time someone walks in my direction, I give them a friendly smile and ask them if they’d like to try a sample. I try to be nice to everyone. Some customers are just there to get a sample and you know they won’t buy it, but I don’t treat them any different.”

For those who may struggle with selling at first, Mary Ann recommends “putting your heart into it and giving it your all. It takes time to get used to, but if you stick with it, you can do it.” Above all, she says the most important thing to remember is to work on building a good relationship with shoppers, because they are the ones are going to buy your product.