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From Lab to Table: The Future of Food

By Retail News Insider Consider two images. In the first, there’s a beautiful green pasture with animals happily grazing and a garden chock full of delicious vegetables. In the second, scientists dressed in stark white coats swirl concoctions in their flasks and analyze the results of their latest experiments. What do those two images have […]

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Turn National Dairy Month into a Sales Cash Cow!

Just in time for the start of ice cream season—retailers and dairy producers will be celebrating the 12th annual National Dairy Month throughout June. You’re likely to see lots of promotions for dairy products in stores this month, and they’ll go well beyond the milk carton and cheese slice staples we often envision when we […]

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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

As a Sales Advisor, a warm and inviting personality goes a long way to getting customers to come over to your cart. But what you say when they get there is what really clinches the sale. This month, Lead Sales Advisor Pamela Pearson gives us her tips for developing a winning sales pitch. “Customers appreciate […]

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