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Turn National Dairy Month into a Sales Cash Cow!

june14-essential-coverJust in time for the start of ice cream season—retailers and dairy producers will be celebrating the 12th annual National Dairy Month throughout June. You’re likely to see lots of promotions for dairy products in stores this month, and they’ll go well beyond the milk carton and cheese slice staples we often envision when we think “dairy department.” Today’s dairy selection encompasses a wide range of products, from cow’s milk to almond milk and kefir to cotija cheese. You can take advantage of this month of moo to boost your sales no matter what you have on your cart.

One of your best tie-ins to boost sales this month will be the many coupons and sales on dairy items. The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association alone plans to send out over 20 million coupons for cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products—not to mention promotions individual retailers and brands may offer in ad circulars, through Interactions’ Coupon Concierge™ program or by other means. Do your homework to find out what’s available in your store and point out when an item you’re demonstrating is on sale or has an extra coupon available.

Did you know?
While most coupons average 1-2 percent redemption rates, Interactions’ Coupon Concierge™ program delivers as much as 35 percent redemption and day-of-event sales lift up to 4,000 percent!

If you’re sampling a non-dairy item, consider sharing a recipe or serving suggestion with shoppers that incorporates both your product and one of the dairy items on special this month. For example, if you’re selling spaghetti sauce, share a recipe for lasagna that incorporates ricotta and shredded cheese. Or, if you have a snack item like granola or pretzels or something sweet like a fruit spread, suggest using it as a topping for ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Also encourage shoppers to “Discover the Cool Possibilities” of dairy throughout the year. Help them see dairy as more than just a recipe ingredient by pointing out how many items, such as yogurt, string or block cheese, and pudding can be healthy snacks. They provide a good source of calcium that’s important for healthy bones and muscles—not to mention tasting delicious!