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Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Pamela Pearson Lead Sales Advisor

Pamela Pearson
Lead Sales Advisor

As a Sales Advisor, a warm and inviting personality goes a long way to getting customers to come over to your cart. But what you say when they get there is what really clinches the sale. This month, Lead Sales Advisor Pamela Pearson gives us her tips for developing a winning sales pitch.

“Customers appreciate all the information you can give them,” says Pamela. “I always read the key selling points and any information our marketing department provides. If our manager gives us our orders ahead of time, I go online and read more about the product when I can.”

As for what information to focus on, Pamela says, “Customers like to hear statistics. They want to know the sodium, fat and protein content. They like to hear if something is gluten-free or great for vegetarians.”

“Of course, they also want to know the cost and whether there are any coupons,” Pamela adds. Breaking down the cost of multipacks—noting that each granola bar in a box costs just $0.50, for example—may entice value-conscious customers.

Pamela also recommends getting very familiar with your recipes so you can easily share them with shoppers. If shoppers have a clear understanding of how to recreate the dish at home, they’ll be more likely to buy your product.