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Engaging Shoppers in the Post-Holiday Slowdown

After the holidays, shoppers can sometimes feel “all shopped out.” So how do you get them interested in the product you’re selling?


This month, Sales Advisor Shari Brian gives us her advice for doing just that. Shari’s first tip is to pay special attention to your display. For a recent event, she decorated with pumpkins and gourds of every size and shade. “I love using color to decorate my cart,” Shari says. “It draws customers in to sample and purchase new products they’ve never before considered.”

Shari also recommends pairing samples and coupons whenever you can. “Even if the product is on sale, many will wait for a tangible coupon to purchase the product,” she says. This can be especially true as shoppers recover from holiday spending. If you don’t have coupons to hand out, don’t be afraid to steer shoppers to your store’s flyer or inserts from local papers.

Last but not least, Shari reminds us to “always be professional in appearance, attitude and behavior, responding to staff and customers with kindness, patience and a smile.”