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Making a Lasting Impression

Every event is a chance to make a lasting impression. We don’t always get to hear our customers’ feedback, but when we do, it’s much appreciated! Recently, Area Manager Pam Bojec shared a letter a customer took the time to write about the impression Sales Advisor Jeanette Kenesky makes at her Giant Eagle store.

The customer wrote, “I wish to apprise you of the utterly magnifi cent job Jeanette does when she is demonstrating various food products at the Giant Eagle Store (#6381) in Willoughby, Ohio. Jeanette possesses a most charming personality that makes her ideally suited for interacting with the shopping public. She always treats every shopper she meets with the utmost courtesy and respect. In addition, she takes the time to become thoroughly familiar with the product she is demonstrating; consequently, she is able to answer any question a shopper may pose with regard to the product’s preparation, cost, caloric content, aisle/shelf location in the store, etc. Moreover, if the product Jeanette is demonstrating requires it to be cooked, I can truthfully testify, based on the many samples I have tasted, that Jeanette is a culinarian of the highest proficiency. In short, they just don’t come any better than Jeanette.”

Great job, Jeanette! Thanks for being a great role model for all of us!